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Custom Pet Portrait + COLOR

  • 9x12 - Hand Drawn Pet Portrait
    Materials: Soft Pastels, Acid Free Paper, Clear Protective Cover, Fixative


    Have a favorite photo you took with your phone, or maybe you found an old photo of a pet that has passed? What better way to honor your pet or your pet's memory then with a custom portrait.

    Your custom, original drawing will use professional soft pastels on high quality acid free paper and will be my interpretation of the animal based on the photographs you have provided.

    After you have contacted me and requested a custom original portrait of your pet, you will need to provide the photographs used to create your pet portrait. Please specify what photograph you would most like me to reference. Keep in mind that these images need to be clear and as close to high resolution as possible. I will require multiple photos (if possible) so I am able to capture the spirit and soul of the pet you would like me to draw. Please send clear and in-focus pictures with good lighting so I am able to get as many details of your pet that I can. If I'm unable to use the photo you would most like me to reference I will make suggestions on what photograph might work better to complete a drawing of your pet.

    Your portrait will be sprayed with fixative to prevent smudging but please be careful not to handle it much without the protective cover.

    If you are commissioning a pet portrait for a birthday or Christmas present, please specify so I am aware of this before agreeing to do the portrait.

    Please contact me after purchase so we can discuss the details of your drawing!

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