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Animal Illustration with Charcoal - WORKSHOP

  • 9x12 - Animal Illustration with Charcoal

    Embrace the simplicity of charcoal and learn shading and blending techniques, as well as learning how to analyze a reference image to create striking black-and-white illustrations full of expression.


    In this workshop, learn new, beginner friendly techniques to draw your favorite species. Discover how eliminating color allows you to focus on shape and expression, and compose striking black-and-white illustrations bursting with life!


    Please send clear and in-focus pictures with good lighting so I am able to get as many details of your pet that I can for the base drawing. If I'm unable to use the photo you would most like me to reference I will make suggestions on what photograph might work better to complete a drawing of your pet.

    Please contact me after purchase so we can discuss the details of your drawing!



     - (2) Base Sketches

     - Charcoal Sticks & Pencils

     - Erasers

     - Smudge Sticks


    ***We will work on (1) sketch together in class and you will receive take home supplies and a second sketch to work on at home using what you learned in class.***

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