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Lindsey Nicole’s passion for art established her path to Robert Morris University where she expanded her creative skill set and developed her professional intuition. During her college career she was giving the incredible opportunity to develop her fine art skills while studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. Upon graduation, Lindsey began working as a graphic designer for Springfield Scene Magazine, organizing the diverse range of design challenges into well-crafted layouts and elegant publications.

Her next adventure was in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she worked as an Amazon book designer, shaping creative content into emotive book covers for numerous writers’ works to be sold, while at the same time working as a graphic designer for River City Graphics.

Upon moving to Charleston, South Carolina a few years later, she began working as a graphic designer and marketer, shaping the image for several well-known companies around the area. But her passion for creating beautiful pieces and exploring her art led her to ultimately strike out on her own and start Lindsey Nicole Design Studio, where she brings elegantly crafted artistic works to life for others.



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