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Each moment is an opportunity to be kind to yourself & your body.

Yoga is for Everyone.


If you are seeking freedom and fulfillment through the path of yoga, you have come to the right place! I design our practices to meet you where you are. Take what you need and leave what you don't. and awaken you to your inner self and radiance.

Come join me in a lifelong pursuit of connection, mindfulness and peace!


Yoga in Goose Creek, SC with Lindsey Maldonado

Yoga is a journey, not the destination.

Enjoy guided mindfulness and meditation woven into your class of choice at your preferred location.

Yoga in Goose Creek, SC with Lindsey Maldonado

Lindsey Maldonado

RYT - 200

Yoga is the relationship that is built between the body, the mind and the breath. It is creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live. I am here to help others find this release so that they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life. As someone who has struggled with overwhelming anxiety throughout my life, I want to help others find calm and peace within their practice through movement, pranayama and integrated meditations.


Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind and soul with yoga, and my hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

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